Jasmine: medicinal plant rich in essential oil, in phytotherapy it is used mainly with jasmine flowers due to its calming and sedative effects. It is usually found in the form of tea from the plant’s flowers.


Name: Jasmine, emperor jasmine, jasmine, jasmine, poets’ jasmine, Saint Joseph’s jasmine, yellow jasmine, white jasmine
Binomial name: Jasminum officinale
French name: jasmin
English name: jasmine
German name: Jasminum
Italian name: jasminum
Spanish name: jasminum




Essential oil (from the flowers) containing jasmine linalool acetate, also known as jasmine aromatic essence.

parts used



Sedative, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac.


– Stress

– Insomnia, sleep disorders

– nervous tension

– mild depression

– Cough (with spasms)

Secundary effects

None known (in our opinion).


Plant allergy (including essential oil).


None known (in our opinion).


– Jasmine tea (infusion)

– Essential oil

– Maceration

Where does jasmine grow?

Jasmine is native to the foothills of the Himalayas (India, Pakistan, …), but currently grows in many regions of the world (America, Europe, Asia, Africa, …), mainly in hot climates.

When to harvest jasmine?

Jasmine flowers are harvested in summer and early fall. It is better to pick jasmine flowers at night (the flowers have more aroma).

Interesting Observations

Jasmine essential oil has a very strong fragrance and is used especially in perfumery for this purpose. Beware of high costs of jasmine essential oil.

You can plant jasmine in your garden in summer and prepare teas made from jasmine flowers in the fight against stress. You can also buy dried jasmine tea flowers, as shown in the photo on the left, at various establishments (eg Pharmacy) to prepare a tea.

We believe that jasmine tea is one of the most effective teas for stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Try it!

Like many other plants and flowers (especially the violet, nasturtium, …), the beautiful jasmine flower and plant also has beautiful female names in Arabic and also increasingly common in French, with Yasmina (also Yasmine, Yassmine).

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