Lemon grass


Lemongrass: medicinal plant used internally as a sedative and digestive and externally against insect bites.


Portuguese name: lemongrass, lemongrass, lemongrass, lemongrass, citronella (read also: citronella)
Binomial name: Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf
French name: Citronnelle , Verveine des Indes
English name: lemongrass, lemon grass
Name German: Lemongras , Citronellgras
Italian name: citronella


Poaceae (Poáceas)


Essential oils, triterpene, flavonoids.

parts used

Lemongrass essential oil (plant extract).

lemongrass effects

For internal use (drops and pills)

Soothing, anti-bacterial.

In external use (ointments and spray)

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, repellent.

Lemongrass indications (in general: efficacy proven by clinical studies):

Internal use (drops and pills)

Nervousness, stress, digestive disorders.

External use (ointment and spray)

Lumbago, rheumatism pain, prevention of mosquito bites, thanks to the mild repellent effect of lemongrass essential oil (this effect is disputed, so it is preferable to use other products to prevent insect bites, especially in areas at risk of malaria.

Secundary effects

Rare essential oil allergy.




we do not know

Lemongrass-based preparations

– Lemongrass infusion – Lemongrass juice
– Lemongrass-
based spray
– Lemongrass essential oil

Where does lemongrass grow?

Lemongrass grows in Europe and America, in spring it also grows in Brazil.


This is a plant that we do not believe is very effective, as there are other plants that are more useful for the above indications. However, its smell is very pleasant.

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