Lemon juice


Internal use:
Rich in vitamin C and used against various infectious diseases, colds , flu , cystitis , etc.
Against scurvy (this disease has practically disappeared in developed countries and is characterized by a lack of vitamin C).
Against fatigue (read: lemon-based remedy against fatigue ).

External use:
In application to the skin, as an antiseptic in some forms of acne (such as blackheads), stings or sunburn .
As a gargle against sore throat , thrush and gingivitis.


– 1-3 lemons (depending on the size, if it is ripe or not and desired quantity).

– Sugar (1 ½ to 2 teaspoons) or honey (1-3 teaspoons).

– Water (optional).


– Cut the lemons in half.

– Squeeze the lemon (using a juicer or by hand).

– Add sugar (half a teaspoon per lemon should be enough) or honey. Mix well.

– Add, if necessary, a little water.

Further down there are other preparations based on lemon juice.


Internal use:
Consume the juice twice a day, in the morning and at noon, for example.

External use:
Apply directly on the skin or as a gargle (against a sore throat, for example). Against sore throats, you can also mix lemon juice, following the recipe above, with warm water. Then do a gargle.


For colds, flu and coughs, do not hesitate to add honey instead of sugar. Honey has a very positive effect on coughing and sore throat.

different lemon juice recipes

Lemon and Orange Juice
If you find the lemon juice to be a little acidic, don’t hesitate to mix it with equal parts of orange juice . It is rich in vitamin C and very tasty.

Apple and Lemon Juice

It is a juice with very interesting nutritional properties and a high concentration of fiber (apple) and vitamin C (lemon).
Recipe: Use two ripe apples, if possible, cut in 4 (without skin and seeds) and also 2 lemons, cut in 4 (without peel and seeds). Mix everything in a blender.


To prepare a lemonade, use 2 lemons, cut into quarters. You can keep the lemon peel (in this case, prefer organic lemons). Add sugar and a little water, mix everything in a blender, serve chilled.

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