lemongrass infusion


– In case of gastrointestinal disorders, nervousness ( stress ) and mild anxiety


For a cup of lemongrass infusion you will need:

– 1.5 g to 4.5 g (1 to 3 coffee spoons) of dried lemon balm leaves ( melissa )

If you use fresh lemon balm leaves (generally preferred as they have more aroma, see Notes below), use twice as much, between 3 to 9g.

– About 200ml of water

*You can find dried lemon balm leaves in pharmacies, specialized stores or in nature itself (you can harvest and dry the plants)


– Herb the water and add it to the dried lemongrass leaves

– Leave to infuse for about 10 minutes (to obtain an effective dose of active substances)


– In case of gastrointestinal disorders, drink a cup of lemon balm infusion several times a day, or just one cup before going to bed, in case of sleep disorders.


– It is possible to prepare a lemon balm tea with the fresh leaves. Some herbal medicine specialists believe that it is preferable to use fresh leaves over dried leaves, because when lemon balm leaves are dry they have less aroma.

– It is preferable to harvest melissa leaves before flowering, as after this period the leaves lose some of their flavor and odor.

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