Febrifuge and soothing medicinal plant , indicated in case of colds and sleep disorders. It is usually presented in the form of an infusion (tea).


name: Tília Binomial name: Tiliae platyphyllos, Tilia cordata
French name: tilleul
English name: common lime
German name: Linde
Italian name: tiglio




Mucilages, tannins, flavonoids, essential oil, saponins

parts used

Linden flowers ( in Latin : tiliae flos) linden samo (part of the bark).


Febrifuge (lowers fever), diaphoretic (makes you sweat), calming and spasmolytic, diuretic


Fever colds , sleep disturbances (difficulties sleeping), cough .

Secundary effects

Diarrhea [in case of high consumption of linden (infusion). This case was reported to us by an internet user on].






 Linden infusion ( linden tea )

– Linden infusion for sleep

–  Linden decoction (more concentrated than the infusion)

– Linden capsule (generally based on linden samo)

– linden bath

Where does the linden grow?

Linden grows in Europe, in America. Tree spread all over the world. The large-leaved linden tree can reach a height of 40 m.

When to harvest the linden tree?

Linden flowers bloom in Europe between May and June. The flowers of the summer linden tree ( Tilia platyphyllos ) usually bloom in May and those of the winter linden tree ( Tilia Cordata ) 2 to 3 weeks later in June.
It is estimated that the linden flower contains the maximum amount of active principles 3 to 4 days after the first flowering. It is recommended to harvest them on a hot, dry day. It is necessary to avoid harvesting large-leaved linden from polluted sites.


– Linden tree is often used as an infusion (tea) to reduce fever, especially in young children. In some parts of Europe, it is also used against the flu. The action of the large-leaf linden on fever is not scientifically confirmed. On the other hand, as this plant is rich in mucilage, its indication against coughing makes sense in scientific terms.

– It is also possible to find people who use linden (as a tea) to improve sleep and, naturally, against insomnia.

– The linden tree often measures between 10 and 40m in height. This tree can live 400 years or more.

– There are two species of linden: the large-leaf linden ( Tilia platyphyllos ) and the small-leaf linden ( Tilia cordata ). Linden flowers of both species have the same medicinal priorities. However, the large-leaf linden has larger leaves than the small-leaf linden, as its name suggests.

– The effects of the two species of linden trees ( Tiliae platyphyllos, Tilia cordata ) are similar.

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