linseed poultice


– Against rheumatism: arthrosis , etc. It is also recommended in case of dermatological problems such as boils or ulcerations.
– Against coughing .


– Ground flax seeds ( linseed meal)
– Water
– Handkerchief
– Towel


– Put 3 tablespoons of crushed flax seeds in a bowl of hot water (preferably boiling) and wait until the mixture becomes slightly consistent

– Place this mixture in a clean handkerchief on a plate and spread it over the entire length of the handkerchief; test the temperature on your wrist

– Wait for it to cool down a bit and apply this poultice on the desired location; cover with a thick towel to conserve heat.


– Apply the poultice morning and evening for 5 days (in case of rheumatic pain)

– In case of cough , apply on the chest.

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