10 tips to lose belly

Be it on the beach, by the pool or in the countryside, many people want to show off a toned and toned body. However, the desire to lose weight can lead many people to make mistakes that harm their health. Create health made this list with tips to help you lose your belly and show off a healthy body for the summer.
1. Fibers. Fibers are excellent allies in weight loss. They help with intestinal transit, fight constipation, reduce fat absorption and still promote satiety. Important sources of fiber are whole grains, vegetables, fruits and vegetables with skin.

2. Almonds. Almonds are rich in fiber and protein. Studies at Purdue University have shown that people who eat almonds feel full longer than people who eat other foods. Prefer shelled almonds as the fiber content is higher.

3. Oats . This cereal is an excellent ally in reducing abdominal fat. Rich in fibers and vitamins, oats remain in the stomach for hours, providing satiety and preventing the person from attacking calorie-rich foods.

4. Protein. Protein plays an important role in the weight loss diet and helps to get rid of the belly. Firstly, the body burns more calories when digesting proteins, when compared to fats or carbohydrates. Second, proteins give a feeling of prolonged satiety. Choose proteins from lean meats such as fish and poultry. Avoid cured meats and sausages.

5. Beans. This legume is rich in fiber, iron and vitamins. In addition, beans also contain high protein content. A study at the University of Colorado showed that since beans have slower digestion, they burn more calories to be digested and promote greater weight loss.

6. Milk. A study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham showed that premenopausal women who consumed milk had reduced weight when compared to another group of women who consumed only foods rich in calcium. Milk, in addition to vitamins and calcium, is rich in protein. Prefer skimmed milk.

7. Do bodybuilding. Aerobic exercises are very important for weight loss and cardiovascular health, but they must be combined with strength training exercises. Several studies show that muscles burn more fat than other tissues. Therefore, the greater the amount of muscle in the body, the greater the caloric burning.

8. Train hard and consistently. If you go to the gym, try to make your workout always stimulating and challenging. If that doesn’t happen, ask your trainer or physical educator to set up a new training routine. The same goes for physical modalities that are done outside the gym, such as running, martial arts, swimming, etc.

9. Manage stress . This is a great villain for diets. Stress makes people eat poorly and eat more calories. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol causes your body’s fat stores to increase and fat cells to grow in size. A good way to keep stress under control is to sleep regularly.

10. Avoid alcohol. In addition to harming other body systems, alcohol is high in calories and a villain in weight loss diets. Avoid drinking to excess. To stay hydrated, drink water.

In addition to these tips, it is important to reduce the consumption of saturated fats, found in butter, margarine, sausages and fatty red meat. Also avoid refined sugar, found in sweets and soft drinks. Finally, don’t smoke, as cigarettes hinder performance in sports and make weight loss difficult.

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