Medicinal plant with a calming effect, indicated in cases of cough or sleep disorders in children. Often found in the form of tea or syrup (against coughs).


Name: poppy, red poppy, common poppy, wild poppy, poppy, poppy
Binomial name: Papaver rhoeas L.
French name: coquelicot , pavot rouge
English name: Corn Poppy
German name: Klatschmohn
Italian name: papavero comune
Spanish name: wild poppy




Tannins, mucilages, alkaloids (roenadine), alkaloids (but in very low concentration, especially in the flower)

parts used

Flowers (petals)


Soothing, sedative, antitussive, emollient.


Internal use:
– Cough , bronchitis , particularly in children in case of sleep disturbances or insomnia (also in case of coughing fits), hoarseness

External use:
– Panaritium , abscess, pain in the eyes.

Secundary effects

None known.


Some sources report that poppy is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 10 years old. Ask an expert for more information about contraindications.


None known.


– Tea

– Syrup

– poultice

– poppy ointment

Where does the poppy grow?

The poppy grows in Europe, the Middle East (where it originated) and various other parts of the world. The poppy reaches a height of between 30 and 90cm. It is an annual plant (only lives one season). In some parts of the world, with the use of pesticides, the poppy is becoming rarer. It is found especially on the edges of cereal fields.

When to harvest?

The poppy flowers are usually harvested in spring. But in some parts of Europe, the flowers can be harvested as late as October.

Interesting Observations

– Late May and early June, fields in many parts of France are full of beautiful red poppy flowers. It is an annual plant that grows easily in the wild.

– On a scientific level, the effectiveness of the poppy to relieve or fight cough is in question. It is considered more a use of folk medicine (past habits), rather than a plant validated by scientific studies.

– Poppy flowers are sometimes used to color teas. Poppy leaves can also be used in salads for coloring.

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