Maceration of St. John’s wort


In the case of minor wounds and burns (eg sunburn ). Rheumatism, bruises, tendonitis, mild muscle pain. Post herpetic neuralgia (after herpes).


– A handful of St. John’s wort flowers (fresh or dried). Some sources speak of 3 large bunches of St. John’s wort flowers.

Note: In preference to fresh St. John’s wort flowers, if possible pick the flowers and leave them overnight in a container to remove some of the moisture. Harvesting at the beginning of flowering ensures flowers that are richer in active ingredients (active principles).

– Approximately 200 ml of olive oil (if possible extra virgin olive oil), sunflower oil or jojoba. Choose an organic oil if possible.


– Cut and chop the flowering tops of St. John’s wort.
– Pour the oil until it completely covers the St. John’s wort, make sure that the oil goes beyond the flowers by at least 2 cm (ie completely cover the St. John’s wort). Slightly crush the herb. Leave the St. John’s wort flowers in olive oil in a closed transparent jar of about 250 ml (for example a jam jar) for 2 to 3 weeks.
– Stir from time to time, if possible every day, and expose the pot to the sun.
– The mixture will gradually turn red (pictured below).

– Filter this mixture, for example, with a cloth, pressing well, then store it in a dark bottle (opaque bottle) tightly closed and away from heat.

Note: you can add a natural preservative, for example 12 drops of lavender essential oil or 10 drops of vitamin E1.


Apply this oil by gently massaging 2 to 3 times a day directly onto wounds, burns or painful areas (eg joints, muscles). It is also possible to use this oil as a raw material for the production of creams or ointments.

Preparation storage time

Up to 1 year (away from heat and at room temperature).


– You can also use this mixture in case of tendonitis or muscle pain, massaging well for a few minutes.

– This mixture is also called red oil, due to the typical color of maceration. If the flowers of St. John’s wort are crushed between the fingers, a red liquid will come out.

– St. John’s wort oil has healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, in particular2 Book: La Farmacia di Dio, Edizioni Terra Santa, 2020, Milan.[/Efn_note]. This oil belongs to the pharmacopoeia of some European countries.

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