A “medicinal plant” with a psychotropic and antiemetic effect can be found in certain countries (Canada or the USA) in juice (stupid) or ready-to-use drugs (synthetic THC).


Portuguese name: Marijuana, hemp, cannabis
Latin name: Cannabis sativa
French name: Cannabis , chanvre indien, chanvre, marihuana, kif
English name: cannabis
German name: Cannabis , Hanf
Italian name: Cannabis




Cannabinoids (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]).

parts used

Marijuana leaves, marijuana flowers, dried marijuana stems.

effects of marijuana

The effects of marijuana vary depending on how the product is consumed, as well as the THC concentration.

In the form of a marijuana cigarette

Psychotropic, psychoactive, anti-pain.

In medicine form (with synthetic THC)

Antiemetic (relieves nausea and vomiting).

indications of marijuana

In Brazil, no marijuana-based medicine is registered by health authorities, so there is no legal indication for this plant.

In Canada and the USA, certain marijuana-based drugs (not marijuana cigarettes, but ready-to-use synthetic THC-based drugs) are registered and therefore marketed under medical prescription, to combat nausea (a consequence , for example, some chemotherapies), in the case of anorexia in AIDS patients, in the case of plaque sclerosis.

Secundary effects

marijuana cigarette

Psychosis (schizophrenia), anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression, hallucinations, nausea and vomiting, dry mouth, addiction (drug addiction), increased risk of starting to use heroin (there are 100,000 heroin addicts in France, that most started consuming marijuana), difficulty in memorizing (symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s Disease), decreased attention, motor disorders, sleep disorders, cancer (related to smoking marijuana): in particular lung cancer, chronic bronchitis .

Smoking marijuana (cannabis) can lead to severe erectile dysfunction in men. Individuals, especially young people (ages 20 to 30), who smoke marijuana several times a day may experience complete impotence.

THC-based drugs, for sale in Canada and the US

Read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.


marijuana cigarette

Psychic difficulty, psychic weaknesses, declared illnesses (schizophrenia), pregnancy, breastfeeding, heart diseases (effect similar to that of tobacco).

Medicines based on THC, for sale in Canada and the USA

Read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.


marijuana cigarette

There may be an increase in the effect of various psychotropic substances (alcohol, coffee, sleeping pills,…).

Medicines based on THC, for sale in Canada and the USA

Read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.

Cannabis-based preparations

– Soft capsule (there are two synthetic THC-based drugs for sale in Canada)

– Sublingual vaporizers based on synthetic THC.

There is no preparation for sale legally in France or Brazil. In Canada and the US, two or three preparations are sold by prescription (as of late 2006).


The consumption of marijuana (generally used in the form of cigarettes), whose main compound is THC, is controversial and generates numerous debates. Very young people are increasingly smoking marijuana (and its derivatives in the form of resin, such as hashish) with very high levels of THC (always higher), which can cause, according to some scientists, serious psychoses in society, such as schizophrenia and memory disorders. Other scientists are less critical in relation to the harmful effects of marijuana, so it is difficult, with these multiple sources, to form an opinion on the issue of the development of psychoses linked to the consumption of marijuana, mainly because each person reacts differently to THC. The question is simple: does marijuana reveal psychoses or provoke them? This matter must be followed, because so far the answers are divergent. In any case, for all psychologically fragile people, it is not advised to consume marijuana. On the other hand, when THC is synthesized and the dosage is controlled, some interesting drugs could be developed to combat, for example, the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

– Many American states already legalized in mid-2010, mainly the use of marijuana for “recreational” use (in English, recreational use ). States such as Colorado, Washington and in November 2016 in California authorized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.
Other states, in addition to the 3 mentioned above, have authorized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, such as multiple sclerosis.

– Also in the United States, according to a study by the Cowen research group published by the Financial Times in an article in November 2016, 14% of American adults admit to using marijuana, against 70% of adults who drink alcohol and 25% who smoke . In other words, in November 2016 the number of people using marijuana was much lower than those who consumed alcohol.

Sources (references): Financial Times

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