mate infusion


Used in cases of fatigue , overweight , as a dietary supplement, against cellulite, diabetes , osteoporosis , cholesterol (prevention in postmenopausal women), headache . More information about these indications on our page about yerba mate .


For a cup of mate infusion tea, use:

– 1 to 2 coffee spoons (ca. 2 g) of dried mate leaves

– Approximately 200 mL of water.


– Heat the water until it boils and then add the boiling water over the mate leaves.

– Mix and let infuse for about 5 minutes.

– Filter.

Drink immediately or store in the fridge, for example (to make an iced mate).

See a different mate preparation. Learn how to make mate like the South Americans by clicking here .


– Drink a glass of mate several times a day.

– During a meal, try to wait at least 30 minutes before taking the infusion for proper nutritional absorption, in some cases (read in notes below), it may be advisable to drink mate 10 minutes before the meal, as to lower bad cholesterol.

– Avoid drinking mate at night, because this plant is rich in caffeine and can disturb the sleep of people sensitive to caffeine, as well as coffee.

storage time

Drink it right away or keep it for 24 hours, after this period the mate loses its qualities.


– A study of 146 women in Mendoza, Argentina, published in early 2012 showed that postmenopausal women who drank at least one liter of mate per day had a lower risk of osteoporosis.

– A study in southern Brazil showed that mate reduces cholesterol and especially LDL (bad cholesterol) by approximately 10% among those who consume 1 liter each day, in 3 doses and 10 minutes before or after a meal. Mate affects cholesterol absorption, and recent drugs act on cholesterol synthesis. It is possible to combine mate and cholesterol-lowering drugs (there is no risk of interaction). Talk to your doctor.

– Mate has a “smoky” taste and is a real alternative to black , green tea or coffee .

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