Disinfectant and emollient medicinal plant used in case of sore throat or dry cough, it can be found in the form of infusion, candies, capsules or solution (gargle).


Portuguese name: mauve, wild mallow, wild mallow
Latin name: Malva sylvestris L.
French name: mauve , grande mauve, mauve sauvage
English name: mallow
German name: Malve
Italian name: malva


Malvaceae (Malváceas)


Mucilages (note: it is estimated that there is more mucilage in flowers than in leaves), tannins, flavonoids, phenolic acids, anthocyanosides.

parts used

Flowers (mauve flowers), leaves (mauve leaves), stems, roots.


Emollient, disinfectant (in the oral sphere, for example in dentistry), soothing, emollient, expectorant, anti-inflammatory.


Cough , sore throat , canker sore , bronchitis , hoarseness , laryngitis , whitlow   (in a compress),  gastroenteritis .

Secundary effects

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Mallow-based preparations

– Mallow infusion (mallow tea)

– Mauve bullets

– Mallow capsule

– Mallow gargle solution

– Decoction of mallow

– Bath or eye drops (eye bath)

– Poultice (for example, against boils)

Where does the mallow grow?

Mallow grows in the West (Europe, North America), in nature, for example, in fields or along paths.

It can also be found in meadows. The mauve can reach a size between 30 and 150 cm in height.

When to harvest mallow?

The mallow leaves are harvested in spring and the flowers in summer.


– This medicinal plant is very present in nature, has a pleasant taste and allows you to treat sore throats and other mouth infections, including coughs, in a simple and natural way. The effectiveness of mallow has been scientifically proven for a long time, thanks to its mucilage content.

– The genus name Malva  from the scientific name ( Malva sylvestris L.) means delicate in Greek ( malakos in Greek). The term sylvestris that qualifies the name refers to forest species.

– Another plant from the same family, the Malvaceae, is the Alteia ( Althaea officinalis ). This plant is also indicated in case of productive cough.

– You can eat the leaves and flowers of mallow raw, for example, in a salad.

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