Millet: Cereal mainly used as a fortifier for the hair or nails, thanks to its mineral, trace element and vitamin content. Millet is usually found in capsules.


English name: Millet, Millet, millet
Latin name: Panicum miliaceum (name of common millet)
French name: Millet , millet doré, millet commun (a kind of millet)
English name: millet
German name: Hirse
Name italian: miglio


Poaceae (grasses)


Magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, biotin,…)

parts used

millet oil

millet effects

Nutritional restorative effect for hair, nails and skin, thanks to its nutrient content.

indications of millet

Against hair loss (if this is related to a lack of nutrients), to improve the quality of nails and skin.

Secundary effects

we do not know


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Millet-based preparations

– Capsules based on millet oil

Where does millet grow?

Millet is a cereal that grows mainly in Asia and Africa.

When is millet harvested?


Millet-based remedies are widely sold to combat hair loss. This cereal is rich in essential nutrients, therefore, when hair loss is related to a lack of these, it is effective, helping with growth and reducing hair loss. These remedies normally contain substances other than millet, such as methionine (an amino acid), cystine (amino acid), zinc, iron…. They have a favorable effect on the structure of the hair, which is rich in keratin. These remedies can also be used to improve the quality of nails (which are also rich in keratin).

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