Ministry of Health doubles investment in medical plant production projects

Ministry of Health doubled this year the budget for projects for structuring Local Productive Arrangements (APLs) on medicinal and herbal plants. The portfolio has R 1 million, intended for the purchase of equipment, permanent and consumer materials and also hiring staff and services. Last year, R$ 6.7 million was passed on to 12 chosen proposals.

Currently, 12 herbal medicines belong to the National List of Essential Medicines (RENAME) and are funded by the Basic Component of Pharmaceutical Assistance. However, states and municipalities have autonomy to provide herbal medicines that expand this list. Enrolled projects can address herbal medicines that expand the ministry’s list.

The initiative aims to expand therapeutic options by guaranteeing the population access to medicinal and herbal plants, strengthening the productive complex and sustainable use of biodiversity. “We want to expand access to medicinal and herbal plants by giving full support to states and municipalities, strengthening the production chain through the structuring of APLs and valuing the sustainable use of Brazilian biodiversity,” said The Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Insumos, Dr. Carlos Gadelha.

To participate in the selection, the state and municipal health departments must fill out the registration form on the

SUS users have had access to herbal medicines funded with resources from the Union, states and municipalities since 2007. The Federal Government created the NationalProgram of Medicinal andHerbal Plants in 2008 to guarantee the population safe access and rational use to medicinal plants and herbal medicines.

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