Ministry of Health launches weight control software

In the week in which Labor Day is celebrated, on May 1st, the Ministry of Health launches the Healthy Weight Program, which aims to encourage healthy habits in the workplaces of public and private institutions. The ministry created software for self-monitoring weight and practical recommendations for food and physical activity, which will be made available free of charge to public and private institutions.

This Monday (29), the Minister of Health, Alexandre Padilha, presented the application to employees of the Ministry of Health, in the auditorium of the body’s headquarters building. “We, health workers, have to be protagonists of what we guide society to do in relation to healthy habits. We have to lead by example, starting at home and in our work. We want the Ministry of Health to be more and more a place of healthy living. Although everyone works a lot, small changes in day-to-day life make us live better”, said the minister.

To have access to the technology, companies must join the program, registering through the link, which will be available for download from May 1st. From there, a message will be periodically sent to each worker’s e-mail, with a quick access link to record weight in the  software , where he will register his weight and gain, in return, an evaluation in the form of a graphic evolution, accompanied by tips of healthy eating and physical activity.

Weight monitoring among Ministry of Health workers began this Monday (29), as a model experience for other companies. Workplaces are identified as strategic for actions to prevent weight gain, which is why the Plan to Combat Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases provides for actions of this nature.

Obesity   is an important risk factor for health and is strongly related to high levels of fat and blood sugar, excess cholesterol and cases of pre-diabetes Obese people are also more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, especially ischemic ones, such as heart attack, thrombosis, embolism and arteriosclerosis, as well as orthopedic problems, asthma, sleep apnea, some types of cancer, hepatic steatosis and psychological disorders.

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