Ministry of health mobilizes skin banks and reinforces alert

The Minister of Health, Alexandre Padilha, announced this Monday morning (28), in Porto Alegre (RS), that he requested help from Brazilian and foreign hospitals for the possibility of reinforcing the assistance to those seriously burned in the fire at the Kiss nightclub, in Santa Maria, this past Sunday (27). The minister informed that he has already contacted countries like Argentina, Peru and Uruguay for a possible increase in the stocks of skin banks in Brazil, including the need for transplantation of this type of organ. The announcement was made at Hospital Cristo Redentor (of Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, which makes up the federal network of hospitals), where the minister visited patients who presented a more serious picture of intoxication and burns and, therefore, were transferred to this unit,.

“We have already contacted skin banks here in Brazil, such as São Paulo and Pernambuco, for the transfer of skin tissue, because it may be necessary, and also for the care of these patients, who are severely burned. Even, if necessary, we will bring skin from banks in other Latin American countries”, informed Minister Alexandre Padilha, who remains in Santa Maria to coordinate health actions in the region. Of the 39 patients transferred to Porto Alegre, six are hospitalized at Christ the Redeemer.

During the visit to the hospital, the minister also reinforced the importance that all survivors who were at the Kiss nightclub and inhaled smoke at the time of the tragedy seek out health units to prevent the development of  bronchiolitis  or  pneumonia  (lung complications). “A warning that the ministry issues, and which is very common in these situations, is the development of a cough and shortness of breath, which we call chemical pneumolitis. This picture usually develops up to three days after the accident. So, in addition to treating patients well, we want to have a backup of ICU beds in the city “, noted Minister Alexandre Padilha.

The Ministry of Health activated two reference burn centers in Porto Alegre and the Emergency Unit of the Hospital Conceição Group (GHC), in addition to ICU beds in the metropolitan region (including Canoas and Caxias) for the transfer of victims, if necessary.

SKIN – Currently, Brazil has three skin banks located in Pernambuco, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. The Pernambuco and São Paulo units are already transferring material to Rio Grande do Sul. The Ministry of Health and the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) are also working to import fur from Argentina, if necessary.

BLOOD – Another important warning concerns blood donations. The minister informed that it is not necessary for donors to travel to the city of Santa Maria to make the donation, since they can be made in the cities where the volunteers live. Alexandre Padilha also advises that those who wish to make donations wait for the determination of the Civil Defense, which should clarify what is needed at this time.

NATIONAL FORCE – To assist the victims of the fire, the Ministry of Health sent members of the SUS National Force to Santa Maria for the region and intensified actions by the Advanced Support Units of the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU), equipped with respirators. 64 ICU beds and 36 Semi-UTIS beds were opened in Porto Alegre, mobilizing public and private hospitals. There was also the displacement of a total (up to this moment) of seven SAMU ICU ambulances.

EQUIPMENT – This Monday, the Ministry of Health reinforced the amount of equipment sent to the state: another 30 respirators (totaling 50), two SAMU ICU ambulances (totaling seven) and ten ventilators (totaling 20), in addition to 30 pulse oximeters .

PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT – A task force involving federal, state and municipal governments was created to provide psychological assistance to families. In addition to the support provided at the Santa Maria Sports Gym, where the fatal victims were taken, some families also requested psychological follow-up by health professionals during wakes and burials. The service is being defined according to the demand of the family members. Psychologists will also accompany family members who live in other cities.

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