Ministry of health offers 11 more new surgical procedures

 The year 2013 begins with news in  cancer treatment . The Ministry of Health included 11 new surgical procedures in the Unified Health System (SUS) table. With this expansion and other actions that the Ministry of Health has been developing in the cancer care network, it is expected to increase access to existing services, contribute to enabling new treatments, in addition to favoring rapid diagnosis and greater resolution, that is , to improve the quality of life of patients.

In this initiative, the current 121 existing procedures were revised through technical adequacy, changes were made in the form of organization of the table, and the inclusion of new procedures, among them, those related to head and neck surgery, considered difficult to access.

The Ministry of Health will invest R 380.3 million for 2013), 121% more compared to 2011 (R 3,814.58 – total amount paid for the procedure); Selective Guided Lymphadenectomy in Oncology – better known as “sentinel lymph node” (R 910.50); Transtumoral Tracheotomy in Oncology (R 791.49)

Also included are Glomus Tumor Resection in Oncology – (R 910.50); Cholecystectomy in Oncology (R 1,763.78); Reconstruction with Osteomyocutaneous Flap in Oncology (R 4,186.64).

CHANGES – Ordinance  2948  provides for an average increase of 50% in the value of virtually all procedures maintained or changed. Some had bigger increases. This group will also gain a 20% increase in the amounts paid, when performed in hospitals of sizes A (1,000 or more procedures per year) and B (600 to 999 procedures per year). The measure induces the opening of new services and the increase of specialties available to the population. Today there are 94 hospitals with these profiles. Just for radiotherapy assistance, the goal is for the SUS to have 80 service centers by 2014.

The last review of current oncological surgical procedures was carried out in 1993, therefore this ordinance represents an important advance. The work of reviewing the 121 procedures was carried out by the Ministry of Health with the support of professionals from the National Cancer Institute (INCA), the Brazilian Society of Oncological Surgery (SBCO) and the Brazilian Association of Philanthropic Institutions to Combat Cancer (ABIFFIC). The work took place between January 12th and April 14th of this year.

The Ministry of Health also tripled the amount paid for daily hospitalization for acute/chronic leukemia chemotherapy. For this, R 167.50/day will be transferred to R 25.2 million to the annual financial limit of the States, Federal District and Municipalities, totaling R 1.9 billion (in 2010) to R 1.3 billion. “The country has centers with the capacity to increase the number of consultations with the existing infrastructure”, says the minister.

The Ministry of Health also incorporated Trastuzumab into the SUS, one of the most efficient drugs to combat breast cancer. Brazil also started to produce the first medicine for cancer. With the national production of Imatinib Mesylate, the cost of the drug pill will be R 70 (400 mg).

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