Castor bean, a medicinal plant with a strong laxative effect, used against short-term (non-chronic) constipation (constipation), can be found in the form of an oil to be ingested.


Portuguese name: Mamona
Binomial name: Ricinus communis
French name: Ricin , huile de ricin, graines de ricin
English name: Castor oil
German name: Rizinus
Italian name : ricino




Castor oil, castor oil.

parts used

grain oil

castor bean effects

Laxative (with rapid bowel movement).

castor bean indications

Castor oil

In case of occasional constipation (do not use this plant in case of chronic constipation). Castor oil is also widely used in various cosmetic products (generally under the name castor oil ).

The laxative action takes 6 to 10 hours to act.

Secundary effects

If used for a long time: anorexia, digestive disorders.


Disorders in the region of the bile ducts, pregnancy.


we do not know

Castor-based preparations

– Castor oil (available in pharmacies)

Dosage: use 1 to 2 tablespoons (15 to 30 ml) of castor oil, in case of occasional constipation.

– Castor bean capsule

– Creams, ointments, lotions … countless cosmetic products based on castor oil ( castor oil )

Where does the castor bean grow?

Castor bean grows mainly in warm places such as Africa and also in Brazil.


Beware of the toxicity of castor beans, we advise you to consume only ready-to-use medications (never make your own). It is important to avoid prolonged (for several weeks) and regular consumption of castor oil as this is a laxative that should be used preferably in cases of occasional constipation. It is interesting to note that the English name of this plant, or rather its oil, is castor oil . In Portuguese it doesn’t make much sense “castor oil” as a cosmetic! It really is castor oil, not castor oil!

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