mustard poultice


– Rheumatism
– Bronchitis , especially in cases of persistent chest congestion


– Buy mustard seeds and grind them into a flour. Black mustard is also recommended for making this poultice.
It is also possible to buy or directly obtain mustard flour.
It takes about a tablespoon of mustard flour.

– (Approximately a quarter cup of all-purpose flour. Some recipes recommend adding flour).

– Warm water.


– If you are using wheat flour, start by mixing the mustard and wheat flour well.

– Add a little hot – but not too hot or boiling – water to the mustard flour (and possibly all-purpose flour) until you have a paste. Add just enough water to make a thick paste.

– Wrap the mixture in a towel to make a poultice. A good way to make a mustard poultice is to place the paste in the middle of a large square of flannel or muslin, then wrap the cloth so that the mustard mixture is covered and cannot seep out.


– In case of rheumatism, apply the poultice to the painful areas for about 15 minutes, remove as soon as you feel a strong burning sensation.
– In case of bronchitis or cough , apply the poultice on the chest for about 15 minutes.
Note: Make sure the poultice does not come into contact with the skin as it may burn.

This remedy is contraindicated in children/adolescents under 15 years of age, as it can be very irritating.

– Mustard has anti-infectious properties.
– Some people recommend using this poultice against warts, particularly in the United States.

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