Medicinal plant with astringent action, effective in the case of various mouth problems (eg canker sores), it is usually presented in tinctures or essential oil.


Portuguese name: myrrh
Latin name: Commiphora molmol
French name: Myrrhe
English name: Myrrh, Didin
German name Myrrhe
Italian name: Myrrh




Essential oils, triterpenes, mucilages, resin, bitter principles.

parts used


effects of myrrh

Astringent, disinfectant, aromatic, expectorant.


In case of canker sores and other problems in the area of ​​the oral cavity, such as gingivitis (eg in gargling); in case of bronchitis (eg in capsules), and in case of acne (eg in essential oil), intestinal inflammation.

Secundary effects

we do not know




we do not know

Myrrh-based preparations

– Tincture of myrrh

– Myrrh essential oil

– myrrh powder

– Myrrh capsule

Where does myrrh grow?

Myrrh grows in Somalia, for example.


Myrrh is a traditional plant due to Christianity, as it is mentioned in the Bible as a gift given by one of the three wise men to Jesus, at his birth. The Egyptians also used it to perform embalming. Nowadays, myrrh is a little used medicinal plant, but it remains very interesting for the treatment of mouth problems such as canker sores.

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