nettle lotion

Nettle lotion, the natural remedy to strengthen hair!


– To strengthen the hair , hair tonic


– 3 handfuls of fresh  nettle

– About 200ml of water


–  Put the nettles in a mixer

 Add about 200 ml of water to the crushed fruits

 Filter the mix


– Apply and massage the lotion into the scalp. Do not use on suture points!  

Different recipe – based on vinegar

Use 100g of nettle, 750 ml of water and 500 ml of vinegar.
Boil the nettles in water and vinegar, there is no need to mix the nettles. After cooling, use this preparation as a mask or apply to hair for 10 minutes twice a week.1 Book: The Pharmacy of God, Holy Land Editions, 2020, Milão.[/Efn_note].

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