New York wants to ban soft drinks over 500 ml

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on Thursday (5/31) that he wants to ban, as a measure against obesity, the sale of soft drinks and other sugary drinks (such as juices) with more than 500 mL in restaurants, cinemas and fast food.

This measure, unprecedented in an American city, would also apply to street vendors, but not supermarkets. Bloomberg said it had become common for restaurants or movie theaters to sell individual pint-sized sodas, and that they contain large amounts of sugar.

“  Obesity  is becoming the biggest public health problem in the country, we try to do something about it”, he said, addressing the participants of the All Things Digital news site conference in Rancho Palos Verdes (California). “All the studies show that if the portions are bigger, you will eat much more than if the portions are smaller,” he insisted.

More than half of adults in New York (58%) are obese or overweight, and 40% of public school children. Obesity kills thousands of New Yorkers each year and costs approximately four billion dollars in health care costs each year, he says.

 This Bloomberg recommendation needs to be approved by the city’s health commission and then soda and sugary drink vendors will have nine months to adapt to new regulations that could take effect next spring.

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