Kola nut: “medicinal” plant with stimulating action due to caffeine, it is indicated, for example, in case of fatigue and usually found in capsules.


Portuguese name: Kola
nut Latin name: Cola nitida, Cola acuminata (two species of kola nut)
French name: Kola , cola, kolatier (name of the tree)
English name: cola
German name: Kola
Italian name :-




Alkaloids, caffeine, theobromine, tannins.

parts used

grains (nut)

kola nut effects

Stimulant (caffeine effect), digestive, tonic.

Indications of kola nut (mainly effects of caffeine)

Fatigue, headaches, migraine, depression

Secundary effects

We believe that side effects are mainly due to caffeine. Read under “coffee” the list of possible side effects.


Read under “coffee” the list of possible side effects.


Read under “coffee” the list of possible side effects.

Kola nut-based preparations

– Kola nut capsules

– Pó de noz-de-cola

Where does kola nut grow?

The kola nut comes from the kola tree, which grows mainly in Africa and South America.

When to harvest kola nut?

The kola nut is harvested when it is ripe.


The cola nut is a plant that has an interesting history, as it was thanks to it (and coca) that Coca Cola® could be created (the combination of these two products also gave rise to the name Coca Cola®). John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist created this famous drink in the late 19th century while developing something to combat fatigue. It is worth remembering that Coca Cola® is the most expensive brand in the world due to the success of the product (very popular flavor) and its worldwide marketing.

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