Against toothaches , against acne (read recipe below), against insomnia (read recipe below).

Read below to discover 2 preparations made with nutmeg, especially against acne and against sleep disorders (insomnia).


Nutmeg or nutmeg essence 


Soak a cotton swab with nutmeg essential oil and apply to the aching tooth.


Apply on the aching tooth when needed.

Against sleep disorders (insomnia)

Because nutmeg is rich in serotonin (a hormone that turns into melatonin, the sleep hormone), it can also be used to help you fall asleep.
Add, if possible, 1-eighth of a teaspoon of fresh nutmeg (if not fresh, no problem) to a saucepan with 200 ml of milk. Add a few drops of vanilla if needed. Heat the milk over low heat for 10 minutes. Sweeten if necessary. Drink a cup about 30 minutes before going to bed.

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