olive leaf tea


Natural remedy used in addition to medicines to combat hypertension.
Attention, hypertension is a serious illness that in all cases requires a doctor’s consultation, this remedy is a complementary measure.
Medicine also indicated against diabetes.


– About twenty fresh olive leaves (or use 5 to 10 dried olive leaves)

– 800 ml of water


– Put about 20 fresh olive leaves (or 5 to 10 dried leaves) in 800mL of water

– Heat until boiling and obtain about 400mL of the mixture, boil until the mixture is reduced by half.

– Let it cool for 10 minutes.

– Filter, possibly sweeten.


Drink a cup of olive leaf tea in the morning and in the evening if possible drink the tea hot.


The use of olive leaf tea is common in the Mediterranean region, for example in Algeria.

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