Medicinal plant with a mild diuretic effect, widely used in the past to treat cystitis or  kidney stones . Today, this plant is sometimes used for these indications, but with some doubts about its real scientific effectiveness, it is usually found in the form of tea.


Portuguese name: Unha-gata, gatunha, resta-boi
Binomial name: Ononis spinosa French name
Bugrane épineuse , bugrane, herb aux ânes,
arrête boeuf English name: spiny restharrow, restharrow German
name: Dornige Hauhechel Italian
name: Arrestabue
Spanish name : asnillo, balomaga, stops oxen, shin




Saponins, isoflavonoids, triterpenes, aromatic essence (essential oil), tannins.

parts used

Cat’s claw root has an unpleasant, nauseating kind of smell.


Diuretic (mild effect), “detoxifying”, antiseptic, stimulates renal activity, anti-inflammatory.


– Cystitis (intestinal infection)

– Kidney stones (prevention and treatment)

– gout

– Inflammations

Secundary effects

None known, in our opinion.


None known, in our opinion.


None known, in our opinion.


– Infusion (tea)

– Decoction

– Essential oil

Where does the cat grow  ?

Cat’s claw grows especially in Europe. This plant can grow up to 1500m in altitude.

When to harvest cat’s claw?

The cat’s claw flowers can be observed generally from April to September in the northern hemisphere (eg Portugal). Note, however, that herbal medicine primarily uses the roots of cat’s claw. In the northern hemisphere, the roots should preferably be harvested from March to April and from September to October. The next step is to cut the root into small pieces.


– Cat’s claw was used for a long time due to its action on the urinary system. However, scientifically, no serious studies have confirmed its true effectiveness, for example, to treat or prevent kidney stones or against cystitis. Studies are contradictory, it is estimated, however, that ononis spinosa has a mild diuretic effect.

– The term spinosa means spiny in Latin, referring to the thorns of the stems.

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