Medicinal plant with anti-allergic and hypolipidemic effect, used in case of allergy or insect bite.


Portuguese name: Onion
Binomial name: Allium cepa L.
French name: oignon
English name: onion, common onion
German name: Zwiebel
Italian name: cipolla


Alliaceae (Aliaceae). Some sources speak of the Amaryllidaceae family.


– Alliin
– Fructosana
– Flavonoid
– Quercetin
– Organic sulfur compounds
– Vitamins A, B and C
– Phosphorus
– Iodine
– Selenium
– Silica
– Allicin

parts used

The whole onion. The bulb usually has a diameter between 5 and 10 cm.


Antimicrobial, antiallergic, antihistamine, hypolipidemic, antioxidant, hypotensive


In external use (apply the onion cut in half directly on the skin):
Various skin allergies, insect bites, wounds.

For internal use:
Digestive problems (dyspepsia), cholesterol, hypertension (as a complementary measure)


Secundary effects

Unknown. If there is an excess of consumption, mild digestive problems may occur.


Onion allergy.


We don’t know.

Onion-based preparations

– Onion-based capsule

– The onion can be applied on an insect bite, after it has been cut in half, for example .

– Onion and Vinegar Cough Remedy

– Onion syrup

– Onion against colds

– Onion wine

– Tincture

– As a homeopathic or spagyric remedy

Where does the onion grow?

The onion grows in Europe and America, and also in Brazil. The onion can reach a height of between 60 and 120 cm. Flowering, which takes the form of a spherical inflorescence, occurs in Europe between June and August (summer). It is a perennial plant, that is, it can live for several years. Some sources speak of a biennial plant.


– The onion is a plant widely used in cooking, and due to its high content of sulfur derivatives it causes tears in the cook. In phytotherapy, it is not so used, but it is present in home remedies against insect bites or allergies. However, in case of high cholesterol, garlic is more used (also rich in alliin). Furthermore, this plant is widely used in homeopathy, under its Latin name Allium cepa . It is mainly used in case of allergy, sinusitis or allergic rhinitis.

– There are more than 1000 varieties of onion ( Allium cepa ).

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