Orange flower


Orange blossom: medicinal plant with a calming effect, it is used in case of sleep disorders or nervous tension and can be found in infusion (tea).


Portuguese name: orange blossom, bitter orange flower
Binomial name: Citrus aurantium L.
French name: Oranger (fleur d’), fleurs de l’orange amère
English name: orange flower
German name: Orangen Blüten
Italian name: arancio




Essential oils, bitter principles, flavonoids.

parts used

– Mainly the flowers, but also the bark, leaves, fruits (ripe) or oil.


Soothing, sleepy or mild sedative (to help with difficulty sleeping), anxiolytic, gastrointestinal system reliever.


Difficulty sleeping, nervous tension, digestive problems,  cough (herbal tea made from flowers).

Secundary effects

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Orange blossom-based preparations

– Orange blossom infusion (orange blossom tea)

Where does the orange blossom grow?

Bitter orange grows mainly in southern European countries. The orange tree is native to Asia (southeast). It is a tree that reaches a height of between 4 and 5 meters. Flowering in Europe occurs from March to May.


This medicinal plant can be useful for those who have trouble sleeping, however, according to clinical studies, valerian is more effective for this indication, however it has an unpleasant taste, unlike orange blossom, so perhaps it is the best option.

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