parsley decoction


– As a detoxifier, especially of the kidneys (a very important organ). It is estimated that parsley can purify the kidneys and prevent certain diseases. However, be careful: in case of kidney disease, please always consult a doctor.


For a cup of parsley decoction, you will use:

– A handful of whole parsley leaves with the stem

– About 500 ml of water

– Goldenrod, 1 teaspoon of dried leaves

– Horsetail, 1 teaspoon of the dried plant

– Mel


– Chop the parsley into small pieces

– In a pan, boil water and parsley

– Once it boils, let it boil for another 3 minutes

– Immediately add a spoonful of goldenrod and a coffee spoon of horsetail

– Remove the pan from the heat and let it rest with a lid on for 10 minutes

– Filter if necessary

– Add honey to the preparation, directly in the cup


– Drink one cup a day for two weeks. Repeat this decoction 3 times a year.

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