Medicinal plant used internally to stimulate appetite (eg in case of anorexia) and externally as a compress against inflammation. Fenugreek is one of the rare plants that help with weight gain thanks to its nutritional content.


name: Fenugreek Binomial name: Trigonnella foenum-graecum
French name: Fénugrec , trigonelle fenugrec, halba (Algerian
name) English name: fenugreek, bird’s foot
German name: Bockshornklee
Italian name: alfa-alfafieno greco


Fabaceae (Fabaceae)


Mucilages, saponins, flavonoids, bitter principle

parts used

Grains, leaves or flowering tops (aerial parts).

fenugreek effects

For internal use
Appetite Stimulator

For external use
Emollient, anti-inflammatory


In internal use (mainly in infusion)
Anorexia, to gain weight, lack of appetite, intestinal problems (diarrhea and intestinal infections) [it should be taken in grain, 1 to 2 times a day (1 tablespoon). Indication of a creapharma internet user from Algeria],  type 2 diabetes

In external use (mainly in a compress)
Local inflammations

Secundary effects

Possible allergy (skin reaction) in case of external use (for example, in a compress), bad smell in body perspiration (according to an Internet user).


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Fenugreek-based preparations

– Cold fenugreek infusion (fenugreek iced tea)

– Feno-grego poultice

Where does fenugreek grow?

Fenugreek grows in Europe.

When to Harvest Fenugreek?


Fenugreek is an interesting plant whose effectiveness is partly proven by clinical studies, thanks to its effects in internal use, to stimulate appetite and as a compress against inflammation (for example, after a sports shock). However, fenugreek can also be used for its nutritional properties (it is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins), for this it is necessary to germinate the grains before eating them whole (like wheat germ).

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