pine bud


Pine bud: “medicinal plant” with expectorant effect, administered internally to treat productive cough. It is usually used in syrup or candies.


Portuguese name: Pine bud, Red spruce, fir
Binomial name: Picea abies
French name: Sapin , bourgeon de sapin, sapin rouge, faux sapin
English name: balsam fir
German name: Fichte od. Tannenspitzen
Italian name: abete rosso




Essential oil (limonene, alpha-pinene), vitamin C

parts used

Essential oil, sprouts

Pine bud effects

Expectorant, antiseptic, hyperemic

Indications of the pine bud

In internal use (pill, inhalation):

Cough (productive, with expectoration), bronchitis, tracheitis, hoarseness, phlegm, sore throat

In external use (inhalation):

cough, phlegm

Secundary effects

we do not know


Allergy (hypersensitivity) to pine bud, bronchial asthma. When purchasing a medication, read the leaflet and ask a specialist for guidance.


we do not know

Pine bud preparations

– Reply

– Essential oil

– Pine bud syrup

– Pine bud syrup (bis)

– bath solution

– Inhalation

Where does the spruce grow?

Spruce grows in Europe.

When are pine shoots harvested?

Pine buds are harvested in spring.


Medicines based on pine buds are highly effective against productive coughs with sputum. According to numerous users, pine bud syrups have a strong positive action against productive cough.

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