Pineapple, medicinal plant used against cellulite, usually presented in the form of capsules.


Names: pineapple
Binomial name: Ananas comosus
English name: pineapple
French name: Ananas
German name: Ananas
Italian name: ananas




Bromelain (enzyme)

parts used

Stems (shaft of shoots)


*Anti-cellulite, proteolytic, antiphlogistic, platelet aggregation inhibitor


Against * cellulite , * overweight , pancreatic insufficiency, digestion disorders (after pancreas surgery, for example), edema.

*Warning, the effects of pineapple capsules [stem powder] against cellulite are not yet clearly scientifically proven.

Secundary effects

Gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, allergic reaction.


Pineapple allergy, severe liver or kidney problems, bleeding problems.


Anticoagulants (acetylsalicylic acid, warfarin,…).


– Pineapple capsules

– pineapple juice

Where does pineapple grow?

Pineapple grows preferably in hot countries. It is estimated that it originates from Africa.


– In fact, it is the powder extracted from the pineapple stem, in the form of capsules that can be effective and not the fruit itself!

– However, as mentioned above, clearer clinical studies are still lacking to prove whether bromelain (the active agent present in the pineapple stem) is in sufficient concentration to act on cellulite.

– So we cannot say whether or not this plant is of prime importance in case of a diet. For now, give preference to plants such as mate or green tea to lose weight (of course accompanied by a diet and physical activity).

– The term pineapple comes from the Guarani word “ibacati” and means fragrant fruit.

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