poppy syrup


Against cough or bronchitis .

Solution provided by Valiere from France. We thank her!


– Poppy flowers .

– Water.

– Sugar or honey.


– Leave the poppy flowers in a little water for 2 days to obtain a juice.

– Add a little sugar or honey to the juice.

– Mix.


This recipe isn’t very specific about the amounts used. If you want a more precise and slightly different recipe, here it is:

– Place 200 g of fresh poppy flowers in 1 liter of boiling water.

– Then let the mixture marinate for 12 hours.

– Filter and add 700 grams of sugar.

– Cook until it turns into a syrup (after a while of cooking you can see big bubbles, a sign to think about stopping cooking).

– Let cool.

– Place in small warm bottles (to ensure good hygiene and proper conservation), close and label*.

*You can easily make a label for the syrup, with the name of the preparation, dosage, date, etc. This can be done by printing and sticking labels on the bottle.


– 1 teaspoon for cough or bronchitis up to 3 times a day.

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