Medicinal plant that has very effective molecules against pain and cough. It can be found in the form of ready-to-use medications.


Portuguese names: poppy, opium poppy, poppy
Binomial name: Papaver somniferum L.
French name: pavot , pavot somnifère
English name: Garden-Poppy
German name: Schlafmohn
Italian name : Papavero da oppio


Papaveraceae (Papaveraceae)


Various opium alkaloids such as: codeine, papaverine, morphine, noscapine…

parts used

Latex from unripe fruits (opium). Opium is obtained by making an overnight incision into an immature poppy fruit. Then harvest the sap or latex i.e. the opium early in the morning.
Note: Poppy seeds ( Papaver somniferum ) are non-toxic.

Effects of the poppy (mainly the molecules contained in its latex, opium, are used)

Anti-pain (analgesic), anti-cough, anti-diarrheal, euphoric, spasmolytic.

Indications of the poppy (the molecules contained in its latex, opium, are mainly used)

Pain, cough, diarrhea

Side effects (poppy latex)

Headache, vertigo, tremors, constipation (people who smoke opium have constant constipation), dependence,… When buying a poppy-based medicine, read the leaflet.

Contraindications (poppy latex)

Pregnancy, lactation. When purchasing a poppy-based medicine, read the leaflet.

Interactions (poppy latex)

When purchasing a poppy-based medicine, read the leaflet.

Poppy-based preparations

– Pills based on poppy compounds

– Tincture of Opium

Where does the poppy grow?

The poppy grows in Europe and Asia, it originates from Asia (Turkey, Afghanistan, India). The poppy reaches a height of between 40cm and 150cm. It is an annual plant that blooms in Europe between July and August.


The poppy is a plant with a strong history across civilizations, most notably for the Chinese who smoked opium in large quantities at one point in their history. At the end of the 19th century China was a decadent nation, devastated by large numbers of Chinese opium smokers.

However, it is the extraordinary components of the latex of the poppy, called opium, that allowed for significant medical advances during the 19th century. This is particularly the case for morphine, which was first used during the Civil War in the United States as a an analgesic for injuries.

Morphine today is still widely used in cases of severe pain during serious illnesses (eg cancer). The poppy was also used to isolate other components called alkaloids, such as codeine, a very good antitussive against dry cough, and noscapine which is also used against cough. There are more than 25 different alkaloids in opium.

Unfortunately, heroin, which is a chemical derivative of morphine, is a terrible drug that continues to plague many people around the world. This is one of the strongest drugs in terms of addictive power.

The poppy has given the best (painkillers) and worst (drugs) to mankind.

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