Medicinal plant with astringent effect, effective against diarrhea , can be used in infusion.


Portuguese name: Potentilla, Potentilla tormentilla, potentilla, tormentilla, five-leaf
Binomial name: Potentilla erecta
French name: potentille tormentille, tormentille
English name: Bloodroot, Tormentil
German name: Blutwurz ( Tormentill )
Italian name: tormentilla , erba settefoglia




Tannins, triterpenes, flavonoids, glycosides (tormentilline), organic acids.

parts used

Dried rhizomes (no roots). If we let the rhizome oxidize after making a cut, it turns blood red. Hence its German name Blutwurz ( Blut for blood and Wurz for root or rhizome).


Astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hemostatic, healing.


Internal use:
– Against diarrhea , colitis, dysentery, stomach pain.

External use (in the form of a compress soaked in the infusion or decoction):
– Sunburn , cold sores and burns .

Secundary effects

Gastric disorders.



Potentilla-based preparations

– Infusion

– Lotion

– Tincture

– mother tincture

– Powder or capsules. The powder is based on the dried and ground rhizome.

Where does potentilla grow?

Potentilla tormentilla grows in Europe, Siberia, Africa and North America. In the Alps it can be found at up to 2500m altitude.

When are potentilla rhizomes harvested?

We can harvest the root and rhizome (unroll the roots for herbal use) in spring or autumn. During these two seasons, the concentration of active principles is higher.


The potentilla tormentilla is an interesting plant to treat diarrhea , as it is rich in tannins (astringent action). It can be administered in the form of an infusion, but be careful, it is the rhizome that is used and not the leaves or flowers.

– The genus name Potentilla from the scientific name ( Potentilla erecta ) comes from the Latin “potens” and means “powerful”. The species name “erecta” means “erect”, with reference to the appearance of its stem. The stem rarely exceeds 15 cm.

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