10 tips to prevent and treat the flu

With the approach of winter and low temperatures, the incidence of respiratory diseases increases in the country. One of them is the flu, a viral disease that is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, body aches and indisposition. The Brazilian government has intensified the vaccination campaign against the disease in order to increase prevention and reduce cases. See our tips for preventing and reducing flu symptoms.

1. Get vaccinated against the disease.  The Brazilian government provides several vaccines to prevent the flu. Look for the health post in your region and find out about the vaccination schedule. Pay special attention if you belong to any risk groups (people with reduced immunity, the elderly, children, pregnant women). ATTENTION:  the flu vaccine must be taken all year round, as the virus that causes the disease is constantly changing. 

2. Avoid staying in closed places . A trend in winter is to keep windows and doors always closed to prevent the cold from entering. Although this makes the environment more cozy, this practice also facilitates the spread of diseases, since the air does not circulate. Whenever possible, keep a gap open to allow air circulation. ATTENTION:  try to avoid places like hospitals, health clinics, nurseries and dormitories. 

3. Always wash your hands.  Scrub with soap and water for at least 30 seconds, especially before meals and after using the bathroom. Antiseptic gels and alcohol wipes also help in preventing the disease. CAUTION:  Bactericidal soaps kill bacteria, not the flu virus. 

4. Cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing.  This simple practice prevents the virus from spreading. Instruct children to do the same. Don’t forget to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after sneezing or coughing. 

5. Avoid work or school if you are sick.  If possible, avoid going out if you have the flu. In addition to helping your body recover, this prevents the disease from spreading. Return to your activities after you have recovered. 

6. Drink plenty of fluids.  Intake of fluids, especially water, is important if the disease causes fever, as dehydration can occur. In addition, water helps to thin the secretions of the throat and nose, helping the patient to breathe better. Also invest in teas and natural fruit juices. The latter are easy to take and provide the patient with the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

7. Humidify environments.  This helps reduce the discomfort of coughing and a dry nose, as well as helping to thin secretions. If you don’t have a humidifier, leave a bucket of water or wet towels around the house. 

8.  Take honey.  Honey helps ease the discomfort of coughing and lubricates the throat. There are several preparations with honey, such as teas and syrups, but you can also drink it pure. See our honey and onion home remedies recipes  ,  honey with propolis  and  honey milk .

9.  Use painkillers.  The flu is accompanied by body aches and indisposition. The use of analgesics such as  aspirin ,  ibuprofen  and  paracetamol  help with recovery and reduce discomfort. ATTENTION:  consult a doctor before using any medication and avoid using any medication if you have any type of allergy to the components of the formula.

10. Use saline solution to unblock your nose.  Also known as saline solution, these solutions help thin the mucus that clogs the nostrils. Use especially in children. 

Apply these tips to prevent and combat symptoms. Learn more about the disease on our page:  Flu .

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