Primrose oil and smudge are no more effective than placebo!

U.S. researchers demonstrated in May 2013 that the use of primrose orblottingare no more effective than placebo at treating eczema and particularly atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis isan allergic skin disease that often appears at the age of 3 months. In most cases dermatitis disappears in adolescence, but in some it persists into adulthood.

The main symptoms are dry skin, often red eczema plaques, pruriginous lesions (itchy) and infections. Treatment is based on good hydration of the skin with creams or ointments and, in more severe cases, on the use of corticosteroids and antihistamines.

Primrose and borage oil are often recommended by doctors and pharmacists, especially as these medicinal plants have fewer side effects than corticosteroids or antihistamines.

U.S. researchers from the Minnesota School of Medicine and duluth Essential Health System conducted 27 studies, 19 with primrose oil and 8 with borage. Participants were prescribed a treatment based on primrose or borage oil or placebo. The studies lasted from 3 to 24 weeks. The result is clear, primrose and borage showed no effect superior to placebo. Scientists thought that gamma linoleic acid, which is found in both plants, could have some efficacy against this dermatitis.

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