Medicinal plant useful for treating and soothing premenstrual tension (PMS) and various skin problems. It can be found in capsule or cream form.


Portuguese name: Evening primrose, Donkeygrass, evening primrose
Binomial name: Oenothera biennis
French name: Onagre , oenothère, herbe aux anex ule
English name: broad-leaved oenothera
German name: Nachtkerzenöl , Nachtkerze
Italian name: rapunzia




Essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, gamma-linoleic acid [an omega 6]).

parts used

Oil of Primula


Anti-inflammatory: the essential fatty acids contained in evening primrose oil act as precursors of prostaglandins (These play a key role in the development of the hormonal process during menstruation. Evening primrose fatty acids are transformed into anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. The use of evening primrose oil during premenstrual tension and colic can be quite beneficial and is proven by clinical studies).
Action on the cardiovascular system: hypotensive, antisclerotic. Skin hydration regulator thanks to omega acids.


Internal use (capsule,…)
Premenstrual syndrome (dosage: take capsules containing evening primrose oil during the second half of the cycle), painful menstruation (colic), rheumatoid arthritis , cholesterol , hypertension ,  neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis, however, effectiveness is nil, read comments),  eczema , dry skin , acne , cough , multiple sclerosis (complementary measure rich in terms of omega-3).

External use (ointment,…)
Neurodermatitis ( atopic dermatitis,  however the effectiveness is zero, read comments), eczemadry skin

Read: Evening primrose and borage oil are no more effective than placebo!

Secundary effects

Internal use
Digestive disorders. Read the leaflet.


Internal use
Epilepsy (the use of evening primrose oil in high doses can trigger seizures). Read the leaflet.


we do not know


– Evening primrose capsule (or soft gelatin capsule)

– Evening primrose infusion (primrose tea)

– Evening primrose cream or lotion

– Spray de primula

Where does primrose grow?

Evening primrose grows in Europe. Evening primrose grows especially in North America and Europe. Evening primrose is native to North America.

Plant it yourself
We must grow primrose more than 2 years: the first year it grows, and in the second season it blooms. Multiply this species from seeds. Although it can live in pots, it is not interesting to grow primrose on a terrace for a long time. Trim wilted inflorescences regularly to prevent plant depletion.


– According to clinical studies, evening primrose-based capsules are of great help to women suffering from premenstrual tension and/or menstrual cramps . If this is your case, give it a try! In addition, it is also indicated for the skin. Evening primrose oil, mixed with a cream (eg cold cream) can be useful in case of eczema or neurodermatitis , thanks to the content of numerous fatty acids contained in this plant.

– However, according to US researchers from the Minnesota College of Medicine and Essentia Health Systems Duluth, who published a study in 2013, evening primrose (and borage) oil is no more effective than placebo in treating of atopic dermatitis and eczema. Read: Evening primrose and borage oil are no more effective than placebo!

– The North American Indians used the evening primrose in poultice, against skin problems and bruises.

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