Expectorant and emollient medicinal plant, used mainly in case of cough  or  bronchitis , can be found in the form of infusion.


name: Pulmonaria Binomial name: Pulmonaria officinalis L.
French name: Pulmonaire
English name: Lungwort
German name: Lungenkraut
Italian name: polmonaria

Note: The term Pulmonaria that characterizes the genus name of the scientific name ( Pulmonaria officinalis L.) comes from the Latin pulmo , which means “lungs”.




Salicylic acid, mucilages, saponins, tannins, minerals, silica

parts used

Flowering leaves and tops


Emollient, expectorant, pectoral, diaphoretic, mucolytic, astringent (cleanses tissues)


–  Cough (acute or chronic), bronchitis , sore throat ,  tuberculosis .

Secundary effects

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Lungworm-based preparations

Where does lungwort grow?

The lungwort grows in Europe. It is found especially in humid places.

When is the lungwort harvested?

Lungwort leaves are harvested between March and May in Europe, depending on the region and altitude. It is advisable to cut the entire plant just above the root. As the medicinal plant specialist Claude Roggen observes in his book “Les secrets du Druide” in its fourth edition, it is necessary to dry the lungwort in a dry and ventilated place. According to Mr. Roggen, it’s best to make a bouquet and hang it upside down.


– According to the experience of several people, this plant would be very effective against coughing.

– The name pulmonária was given in the Middle Ages, a period in which people saw the shape of the plant (similar to that of a lung) as a sign from God, we speak of the theory of signatures. Indeed, the white spots found on the leaves resemble a sick lung. This format earned it its name and hundreds of years later, this plant actually showed positive effects against respiratory conditions. Chance or divine sign, the answer is up to each one’s belief.

– The young leaves and flowers of lungwort can be eaten as a salad.

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