Medicinal plant with digestive action, effective against various digestive disorders, mainly liver. It can be found in capsule or juice form.


Portuguese name: Radish, radish, black radish
Binomial name: Raphanus sativus
French name: Radis noir , ravonnet, racine de radis noir
English name: Radish – Black Radish
German name: Rettich
Italian name: Ravanello nero




Essential oils (sulphurised), raphanine.

parts used


effects of radish

Choleretic, cholagogue (stimulates the secretion of bile), laxative (in juice)

indications of radish

Digestive disorders, liver failure, liver colic, constipation (in juice), bloating, sunstroke (local use, to apply on the skin).

Secundary effects

In high dose: gastritis (ulcers).


In case of thyroid disease, from gastritis.


we do not know

Radish-based preparations

– The radish vegetable itself

– radish juice

– Radish capsule

Where does the radish grow?

Radish grows in Europe and Asia.

When is the radish harvested?

Radish roots are harvested in late summer.


– The radish is a medicinal plant used for a long time, mainly by the Egyptians, its digestive actions have already been proven. This plant is part of the Chinese pharmacopoeia.
The radish is often considered an ideal plant for liver problems, especially in the form of a “detox” cure. That said, a special issue of the French journal Science & Vie on medicinal plants published in July 2020 estimated that the effect of radish for digestive and liver disorders (including biliary stimulation) still needs to be demonstrated, due to lack of published scientific studies.

– Some people claim that radish can be used against allergies (but so far we have not been able to confirm or disagree with this information).

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