red clover


Medicinal plant rich in phytoestrogens, used against symptoms linked to menopause (clinical studies are still needed to prove this action), can be found in capsules.


English name: red clover, meadow clover
Binomial name: Trifolium rubens L. (red clover), Trifolium pratense L. (meadow clover)
French name: Trèfle rouge , trèfle pourpre
English name: broad clover, red clover
German name: Rotklee , Rotkleeblüten
Italian name: capo-rosso , trifoglio rosso




Phytoestrogens: isoflavonoids (these molecules are also found in soy). Isoflavones show some structural similarity with the female sex hormone estradiol, essential oil, proteins

parts used

– Dried flowers, fermented red clover extract (see also Notes below), leaves (consume only cooked leaves).


Hormonal regulator thanks to phytohormones, diuretic


Internal use: 
– Symptoms related to pre-menopause and menopause (hot flushes), cough .
External use (in folk medicine, use of dried flower):
– Eczema , psoriasis

Secundary effects

The main side effects seen in the studies are headaches, muscle aches and nausea.
Read the leaflet and seek expert advice.


Breast cancer, pregnancy, lactation, children.


Read the leaflet and ask a specialist for advice.


– Capsules for sale in pharmacies

Where does red clover grow?

Red clover grows in Europe, in the Alps. It is a perennial plant, meaning it can live for many years. In the mountains as in the Alps, the plant grows up to an altitude of about 1500m. It is found particularly in meadows and pastures. It reaches a height of between 15 and 40 cm.

When does red clover bloom?

Red clover blooms in Europe (for example, in France) usually from May to September.


– Red clover, soy and alfalfa are plants rich in phytoestrogens, active ingredients that have a favorable effect against different menopausal symptoms (hot flashes,…). However, some clinical studies are still needed to prove this effectiveness. Red clover grows almost everywhere in Europe. For effectiveness, only ready-to-use medications (capsules) should be used.

– In a special July 2020 issue of the French journal Science & Vie on medicinal plants, which studied the effectiveness of 77 medicinal plants, the leaves of red clover or meadow clover were found to be likely to be effective under menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness or night sweats). Efficacy has yet to be proven, but the studies seem quite favourable.

– A study published on June 21, 2016, in the specialized journal JAMA , showed that the use of medicinal plants such as soy , cimicifuga , red clover, certain plants of traditional Chinese medicine or molecules from plants such as isoflavones which are phytoestrogens was associated to a modest decrease in the frequency of hot flashes and lack of vaginal lubrication in menopausal women. In contrast, the effect of these plants or natural remedies on night sweats was negligible, according to the researchers.
This research work notably carried out by Erasmus University Medical Center, in Rotterdam (Netherlands), analyzed more than 60 studies published on this topic, totaling more than 6,000 women.

Fermented Red Clover Extract
A Danish study published in June 2017 showed that a fermented red clover extract reduced menopausal hot flashes🇧🇷 The study had 130 participants, women with typical menopausal symptoms. According to researchers, fermented red clover significantly decreases the number and severity of hot flashes. Danish scientists explain that it is the fermentation process of red clover extract that makes the difference, because lactic acid fermentation increases the bioavailability of bioactive estrogen-like compounds (called isoflavones or phytoestrogens) that red clover has in abundance. The study was carried out by scientists at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, under the direction of Prof. By Bendix Jeppese. It was published in the exclusively online scientific journal PLOS one on June 7, 2017.

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