Medicinal plant with antioxidant and calming action, used against sleep disorders, such as  insomnia . Originating and found in South Africa, this plant is usually consumed in the form of tea (infusion).


Portuguese name: rooibos, red tea, rooibos tea
Binomial name: Aspalathus linearis
French name: rooibos
English name: rooibos
German name: Rooibos
Italian name: rooibos




Tannins (small amounts), polyphenols (quecetin) and vitamin C.

parts used

leaves and stems


Soothing, antioxidant, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory.


– Insomnia

– Allergy (especially skin)

– Digestive disorders

– Prevention of possible cancers

Secundary effects

None known.


None known.


None known.


– Tea (infusion)

– Capsules (very rare)

Where does rooibos grow?

Rooibos grows only in South Africa, in the Cederberg Mountain region north of Cape Town. It appears that rooibos has been cultivated in other regions of South Africa, but without success.

When to harvest?

Harvesting the leaves and stems of rooibos during the summer, between December and February.

Then the finely chopped rooibos leaves and stems go through a fermentation-like process for some time. It is at this point that the flavor and red color become characteristic.


– Often referred to as “red tea” to describe rooibos, this term is not very well chosen. Black, green and white teas are from the same plant species, Camellia sinensis of the Theaceae family, rich in caffeine, but “red tea” or rooibos is from another species (Aspalathus linearis) and another family (Fabaceae) and does not contain caffeine.

– According to our information, there are no scientific studies that have shown the effectiveness of rooibos against insomnia or digestive disorders. Its antioxidant content seems proven, but the protective effect due to free radicals (against cancer and degenerative diseases) is more pronounced in green tea , with a higher concentration of free radicals.

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