rose water


– Tonic for the skin. Rose water covers the pores, revitalizes the complexion, firms and refreshes the skin. Rose petals have an antibacterial effect. Rose is also believed to have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.
– Rose petals (especially in vinegar, read the recipe below) are also indicated for sunburn and insect bites .


– A good handful of dried rose petals (red, if possible, and untreated, i.e. of organic origin)  

– Water

Watch the roses harvest, collect the petals and store them in tins.


– Boil 0.25 liters of water, add a good handful of dried rose petals

– Turn off the heat and let it infuse for half an hour, then filter

– Put it in a bottle


– Use after makeup remover or directly on the skin in the morning when you wake up, as well as at night.


– You can prepare your rose water each week, but do not prepare too much, because rose water deteriorates quickly.

Another rose petal recipe

Rose Vinegar

– A good handful of dried organic rose petals, which should fill about half a 250 ml glass. Double the dose in case of fresh rose petals.
– About 250 ml of organic apple cider vinegar.
– Place the rose petals in a 250 ml glass or jar and fill with vinegar to the top
– Cover with a thin plastic or glass lid. Avoid covering with metal.
– Let this mixture rest for at least 2 weeks, if possible 6 weeks.
Dosage :
Apply this rose vinegar with a piece of cotton to affected areas such as sunburn and insect bites.
You can also use this mixture if you have a headache, wet a piece of cloth and apply it directly to your forehead.

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