Medicinal plant (and spice) with antioxidant and anticancer effect, indicated as an adjuvant against certain types of cancer or against premature aging, often used as a tea.


Portuguese name: saffron, saffron-true, saffron, saffron, saffron-Spanish
Binomial name: Crocus sativus
French name: safran , crocus, crocus cultivé
English name: saffron
German name: Safran
Italian name: zafferano
Spanish name: azafrán




Safranol, crocin (has anti-cancer effect) and vitamin B.

parts used

Stigmata (crocus flower has three stigmas) and styles.


Antioxidant, anticancer, against premature aging, (aphrodisiac).


– Liver cancer
– Abdominal pain

Secundary effects

It can cause toxicity (cutaneous bleeding, uremia, …) in cases of very high intake of saffron, abortifacient (high dose). For further information, seek the advice of your pharmacist or physician.


None known (at normal dose), in our opinion. As a precaution, avoid the use of saffron in cases of pregnant women, as in high doses saffron can have an abortive effect.
Consult a pharmacist or physician for more specific information.


None known, in our opinion. Seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist.


– Saffron infusion (tea)

– saffron tincture

– saffron syrup

Where does saffron grow?

Saffron grows mainly in Europe, such as Spain and Greece, including in the Alps, for example Switzerland, and in Asia (for example Kashmir). Saffron is native to Asia Minor. Saffron reaches a height of between 10 and 30cm. It is a perennial plant, meaning it can live for several years. It is estimated that Spain is the main country to cultivate this type of saffron.

When to Harvest Saffron?

Saffron pistils are usually harvested in August-September (in the Swiss Alps in October-November). In general, flowering in Europe occurs from September to November.

Interesting Observations

– According to a study carried out by researchers at the University of the United Arab Emirates, saffron has an interesting role against liver cancer. In fact, this plant acts as a mild chemotherapeutic by inhibiting cell proliferation. Use as a supplement and always after discussion with your doctor.

– Saffron is or was the most expensive spice in the world. It is a spice with an extraordinary flavor, often used in cooking and can give a golden yellow color to some dishes.

– It is estimated that 20,000 flowers are needed to reach 100g of saffron (saffron seasoning).

– Harvesting takes place by hand, because the pistils are very fine and no machine currently has the capacity to harvest them.

– The purple flowers of crocus are a bit like meadow crocus ( Colchicum autumnale L.), a poisonous plant.

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