Medicinal plant used internally as an antiperspirant and externally as a disinfectant (for the mouth).


Names in Portuguese: sage, tea tree, sabiá, sage
Binomial name: Salvia rosmarinus Spenn. Attention, until the year 2017, its scientific name was Rosmarinus officinalis L., a plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family1 . It was therefore reclassified by botanists as belonging to the genusSalvia(a salvia) in 2017.
French name:sauge,sauge officinale
English name: sage or salvia
German name: Salbei
Italian name:salvia


Lamiaceae (Lamiáceas)


Essential oil (cineole, thuion, camphor), tannins, bitter principles.

parts used

Leaves, sage essential oil, and possibly flowers

effects of sage

Internal use (in drops, infusions or tablets) 
Antiperspirant (against perspiration), in condiment, thanks to its strong antioxidant effect (in cooking), tonic. External use (in solution) Antiseptic (antiviral, antibacterial), antiphlogistic (against inflammation), healing.

indications of sage

Internal use (in drops, infusions or tablets)
Excessive sweating , hot flashes (in case of menopause ), digestion problems, cold , digestive disorders, cough , bronchitis, hypercholesterolemia – high LDL level (possible effect), asthenia nervosa ( severe fatigue).

External use (in solution for gargling, lozenges, spray)
Oral conditions such as sore throat, hoarseness or canker sores .

The plant is also often used in cosmetics (for example, against hair loss, oily skin, dandruff).

Secundary effects

Hot flashes (after extensive application in the form of alcoholic extracts), convulsions (for alcoholic extracts), hypertension (in high doses, when used externally as an infusion). Please read the package leaflet.


Pregnancy, epilepsy (in particular for sage-based alcoholic extracts), hypertension . Please read the package leaflet.


we do not know


– Sage infusion : for internal or external use (gargling)

 Sore throat remedy based on sage

–  Tincture of sage (usually the dosage is 2 mL, 2 times a day)

– Capsule (one capsule usually contains 300 mg of sage leaves, consume 2 to 3 capsules a day). For excessive sweating, the usual dose is 1000mg per day of dried sage.

– Sage-based spray

– Sage-based pastilles

– Medicinal sage wine

Where does sage grow?

Sage grows mainly in relatively warm countries (eg the Mediterranean region).
Much of the world’s supply of sage derives from wild harvesting (in a native environment) in the mountains of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. It is a perennial plant, that is, it can live for several years. Sage reaches a height of between 20 and 70 cm, some sources speak of up to 1 m. Over time, sage can form small bushes because of its increasingly woody stems.

When to harvest sage?

Sage leaves are harvested in summer.

Grow it yourself
Sage does very well in pots and large planters.


– To treat excessive sweating , sage can be very effective, as it has the advantage, compared to other synthetic drugs (aluminum salts, anticholinergics), of having very few important side effects. That said, a special edition of the French journal Science & Vie on medicinal plants published in July 2020 estimated that the effect of sage (or rather sage according to further studies: Salvia officinalis – the sage in this dossier, Salvia sclarea and Salvia lavandulifolia ) against excessive sweating has yet to be demonstrated, due to the lack of serious published scientific studies.

– To combat colds and sore throats , sage can be a good natural supplement, as it can speed up healing thanks to its essential oil form. Several scientific studies have proven its efficiency against sore throats .

– Sage belongs to the Provencal herbs which include: rosemary , thyme , hyssop , lavender, fennel , etc. These plants grow in dry and hot conditions during the summer, as is the case in the south of France, where the city of Provence is located.

– As sage is close to rosemary in botanical terms, these 2 plants are often used together, especially in cooking.

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