Medicinal plant rich in vitamin A, used to protect the cardiovascular system.


Portuguese name: cebolinha, cebolihna-de-cheiro
Binomial name: Allium fistulosum L.
French name: ciboule
English name: welsh onion, Japanese bunching onion, green onion, spring onion, escallion, salad onion
German name: Winterzwiebel, Schnittlauch
Spanish name : Winter Onion, Onion, White Onion, Colored Onion, Onion, Chinese Onion




Essential oils, saponins, vitamin A and C.

parts used

Leaves, bulb, stems


Reduces total cholesterol and triglycerides, antioxidant.

  • An animal study has shown that the alcoholic extract of chives has the effect of reducing body fat. But further studies still need to be done to prove this effect in humans.
  • Popularly, chives are known to have antihypertensive, digestive, cell protective, antifungal activity and to prevent eye problems.


Help control cholesterol and triglycerides

– Popularly used internally to prevent cataracts , hypertension, obesity, candidiasis, in cases of intestinal gas and externally as a healing agent.

Secundary effects

There are no side effects reported in the literature.


Some people are intolerant of chives, in which case they should not consume it. Furthermore, it is contraindicated in cases of gastritis sensitive to alias.


No interactions were documented.


There are no studies reporting chive toxicity.


– Sopa

– Tea

– Mixed with other foods

Where does it grow?

It grows in well-drained soils, does not resist soggy soils, sunny places and can tolerate small frosts.

When to harvest the mulungu?

Chives can be harvested several times a year and can be cut several times as they grow back.


Chives are mainly used in cooking as a spice, especially in West Asia, but few people know about their medicinal effects.

Popularly, chives are used to prevent hypertension, candidiasis and cataracts.

A study proved the effect of its alcoholic extract against obesity, but larger studies need to be carried out for its use in humans.

It is known that the Persian civilization already used chives around 3,200 BC.

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