Scots pine


Scots pine: medicinal plant (tree) with antiseptic effect, it is administered  internally  to fight coughs and externally against pain. It is available in ready-to-use medicine form.


name: Scots pine Binomial name: Pinus sylvestris L.
French name: Pin , pin sylvestre
English name: northern pine
German name: Kiefer
Italian name: pino




Essential oil, alpha-pinene.

parts used

essential oil, sprout

Scots pine effects

Antiseptic, antimicrobial (due to alpha-pinene), positive action on the bronchi (reduction of secretions), expectorant, hyperemic.

Indications of Scots Pine

External use
Pains of rheumatism.

Secundary effects

Allergy, possible effects in the central nervous system (CNS) region. When purchasing a medicine based on Scots pine, read the leaflet and ask a specialist for guidance.


Allergy (from hypersensitivity) to Scots pine, bronchial asthma. When purchasing a medicine based on Scots pine, read the leaflet and ask a specialist for guidance.


we do not know


– Scots pine ointment

– Scots pine essential oil

– Scots pine drop

– Scots pine pellets

– Scots pine capsule

Where does Scots Pine grow?

Scots pine grows in Europe.

When to harvest is Scots pine harvested?


Medicines based on Scots pine (in general, from pine buds) have shown some effectiveness against bronchitis (internal use) and rheumatism (in external use). The effectiveness of this plant has been proven by different clinical studies. The active principle alpha-pinene (essential oil compound) would be responsible for the positive effects of this plant.
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