Senna Infusion


Against occasional constipation in adults. The duration of treatment is 10 days, unless medical advice is given.


For a cup of senna infusion tea, use:

– 2 grams (about 1 teaspoon) of senna fruit (available at pharmacies).

– Approximately 200 mL of water.


– Heat the water until it boils and then add the boiling water over the senna fruits.

– Let the infusion rest for 10 minutes (to obtain an effective dose of the active substances).

– Optionally filter the mixture.


– Drink a cup in the evening, for example, before going to bed (laxative effect will occur in the mornings).

Reminder: duration of therapy is a maximum of 10 days, unless medical advice is given.


The laxative effect of this infusion comes after about 10 hours and causes a bowel movement. Senna can be irritating so it should only be used against occasional constipation.

Pharmacology: The properties of anthracenes (active ingredients of senna) prevent the reabsorption of water and electrolytes in the large intestine, causing the evacuation and release of feces.

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