Sicilian lemon


Antiseptic medicinal plant indicated mainly to prevent infectious diseases, it is generally used in juices or essential oil.


Portuguese name: lemon, Sicilian lemon
Latin name: Citrus x limon (L . ) Burm. f., 1768
French name: citron
English name: lemon
German name: Zitrone
Italian name: limone




Vitamin C, essential oil, flavonoid, geraniol, limonoids, fiber (white part), organic acids

parts used

The fruit and the peel


Antiseptic, antioxidant, preventive (due to its high vitamin C content) against various infectious diseases (colds, etc.), diuretic.


Flu syndrome (use lemon juice or just lemon), sore throat (gargle with lemon), ulcers, scurvy, urinary stones .

Secundary effects

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Lemon-based preparations

– Lemon juice (to gargle)

– Lemon essential oil

– Lemon slices – Lemon poultice

– Infusion of bay leaf and lemon

Where does the lemon grow?

Lemon grows preferentially in warm countries, for example in Mediterranean countries. The lemon tree is a tree native to northern India. It reaches a height of between 5 and 10 meters. In Europe, flowering occurs from March to September.


– Lemon is a fruit very rich in vitamin C, it is estimated that it has twice as much vitamin C as orange. Lemon is helpful in preventing infectious diseases during winter such as sore throats. Consume for example in the form of juice.

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