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Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) is a plant of the Chenopodiaceae family. This vegetable has dark green leaves, which can be curled and blistered, or smooth and flat.

The spinach harvest takes place once or twice a year. Commercially, spinach comes in fresh, bagged, frozen, or pickled bunches. The different varieties of spinach are Winter Giant, Monstrous Viroflay, Viking, Symphony and Polka.

Spinach is a vegetable with many virtues. Prized for its sweet, fresh, and crunchy flavor, spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. He represents an ally to slimming.

main nutrients

Nutrients (effects and potential medical indications)Amount per 100 g of spinach
Iron (necessary for the production of haemoglobin, has fortifying, anti-anemic properties and is suitable for vegetarian diets)2,71 mg
Provitamin A (antioxidant that inhibits the proliferation of free radicals, protects against premature aging of cells, reduces the effects of UV radiation, and protects against pollution)0,592 mg
Vitamin B9 (has an important role in cell formation and energy release, is recommended in the diet of pregnant women, helps to have a healthy nervous system)59 mg
Vitamin C (helps with the absorption and better utilization of iron by the body, keeps skin and mucous membranes healthy)28,1 mg
Other nutrients: vitamins B1 , B2 , B6 and E , calcium , potassium , magnesium , zinc , fiber and carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin (which prevent age-related macular degeneration and eye diseases)


number of calories

100 g of spinach contains 22 kcal.

Top dishes, foods and drinks based on spinach

– Spinach can be prepared in many ways. Cooked or raw, chopped or chopped, it is a component of many recipes. The simplest is to make spinach puree with the addition of butter.
– This vegetable can be consumed in soups and creams. Just cook it with milk and some potatoes, then mix the ingredients well. For more flavor, you can add shrimp or ham. Fresh spinach juice is also an interesting home remedy to prepare.
– Spinach is also used as a garnish for veal, chicken and salmon fillet dishes.

– In salads, the raw young leaves are delicious when dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. With tangerine and green onion supreme, you should use balsamic vinegar. As a starter, spinach goes well with apples, mozzarella and parmesan.

– As a side dish, spinach can be cooked in a pan, with almonds and raisins added.

– In “Florentine” spinach recipes, the leaves are used to decorate poached eggs or cod, and are usually accompanied by cream, garlic, tomato and chopped chives.
– Spinach is an ingredient used in pizzas, gratins, soufflés, mousses and vegetable terrines.
– In Japan, spinach is widely used in dashi fondue with meat, fish, vegetables and udon noodles.
– Indians consume spinach with a mixture of Indian spices, fresh cream, tomato puree and diced cream cheese.

– In Turkish style, steamed spinach is consumed with olive oil, onion, minced garlic and yogurt. Spinakopita is an oven-baked Greek dish made of layers of puff pastry and spinach garnished with feta, coriander, cumin and nutmeg.

Nutritional and health importance

– Spinach can increase the cognitive capacity of the brain, due to its high content of nitrates, allowing a good brain irrigation.

– Spinach is the best source of folate among foods. This substance reduces the risk of fetal malformations when consumed before and during pregnancy.

– The antioxidants found in spinach are good for eyesight. Carotenoids reduce the risk of developing cataracts, and macular degeneration of the retina of the eye.

– Regular consumption of cooked spinach increases the immune defense, as it offers greater resistance to white blood cells against oxidative stress. Lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants present in large amounts in spinach and have a preventive role against lung cancer and esophageal cancer . Ferulic acid, another antioxidant, reduces the occurrence of colon cancer .

– Research has shown that a diet containing spinach decreases breast cancer in women. The recommended dose is ½ cup per week.

– In addition to its resistant effect, the betaine contained in spinach is an effective treatment for liver diseases. It also regulates the amount of homocysteine ​​in the blood and therefore reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

– The content of choline and inositol in spinach has a preventive effect on the development of atherosclerosis.

– The chlorophyll in dried spinach leaves prevents the growth of cancer -causing cells . The concerted action of this pigment and flavonoids protects the capillaries.

– The glycolipids in spinach also have anti-inflammatory properties.

– As one of the few dietary sources of linoleic acid, spinach helps fight fatigue , anemia and stress .

– In September 2014, a Swedish study showed that extract made from spinach helps to lose weight and fight uncontrolled hunger. Read this study in detail .

Simple recipe to prepare

turkish salty


– 450 g of fresh spinach.

– 6 charlotte onions.

– 2 tomatoes.

– 2 spoons of olive oil.

– 5 tablespoons of Greek yogurt.

– 2 garlic cloves.

– 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme.

– Salt and pepper.


– Wash, rinse and drain the spinach.

– Cut the tomatoes into thin slices

– Finely chop the onions and garlic

– Place the spinach, onion and tomato slices on a plate.

– Prepare the sauce in a bowl, mix the yogurt, chopped garlic, olive oil, salt, thyme and pepper.

– Season before serving

Tip: Give your salad a personal touch by adding thin slices of raw Paris mushrooms.

Tip: For this salad, it’s best to choose organic spinach. Otherwise, detergent wash each sheet with natural soap, then rinse with water.

Good nutrition advice from Create health

– To enjoy all the health benefits of spinach, it is best to eat it in salads or as a juice ( fresh spinach juice ). Cooked spinach can contain six times more lutein, vitamins and minerals than raw spinach. So we must cook quickly for two minutes steamed or braised quickly.
– Spinach can be stored for two days in the fridge. Once steamed and dried, they can be frozen for several months. Upon purchase, you should the darkest and fleshiest spinach leaves. During preparation, remove the central part of the large leaves.
– As a digestible vegetable, spinach is preferred in slimming diets.
– This vegetable contains oxalic acid, which does not promote the absorption of iron by the body. For better iron absorption, spinach should be eaten along with a food rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, peppers and meat. To reap the benefits, a woman must consume it cooked.

– Consumption of spinach along with a little butter is highly recommended in the diet of children.

– It is advisable for people prone to kidney stones to consume little spinach. In fact, the leaves contain oxalate, which is part of the constitution of kidney stones.

– People who follow medical treatment with anticoagulants should not abuse spinach.

– A Harvard study found that regular consumption of spinach, rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, can reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness.

Interesting comments about this food

– The high iron content attributed to spinach is actually a legend from the Popeye cartoon. The hero in question used it so much that it made his strength increase. In fact, spinach does contain iron, but not as much as other foods like soy, navy beans, sesame or cereals.

– Spinach is a vegetable that comes from Central Asia, from Persia. Unknown to the Romans and Greeks, the earliest references to spinach are contained in a Chinese work. Around the year one thousand, it was introduced in Andalusia by the Arabs. The crusaders who brought it to France, where it was called the “herb of Lent.” Spinach really entered culinary preparations with the arrival of Catherine de Medici in France during the Renaissance. After that, the vegetable was nicknamed the “stomach broom” for its digestive properties.

– The vegetable grows in temperate regions. World production comes mainly from China, the United States, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

– Choose spinach leaves that are green and shiny, avoid full or partially yellow or white leaves. Remember to always wash the spinach leaves.

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